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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things that Inspire and Web sites that don't respond

Some days (like yesterday) we end the day and say "gosh we got a lot done" and then days like today you wonder where it went. Apart from checking all the herds and putting out silage, finishing lawns, tagging new calves, keeping going with fencing, endless loads of work clothes washing, turning the drying Colby and making cultured butter - what else got done? Bugger all.

But here is a little known statistic. Once again tried to reach a website owner via their contact email response section. Three weeks later no answer. That has now pushed the response rates to below 30%. Doesn't anyone ever link their to their email Inbox? To buy something off these people will now require a phone call.

Over morning tea a book caught my eye. It stood out because I had been listening earlier in the day to a podcast on Permaculture from The book was Permaculture One by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. A friend loaned us this book in the early 1980's and it inspired us. Firstly growing vegetables in the back yard, attending a TAFE Permaculture Course and then to buying acres. We bought our own copy and also Permaculture Two and the Designers Manual when it was published. But inspiration didn't stop there. We met some local Bio-Dynamic farmers and again were inspired to add that to our forte and to meet Alex Podolinsky. Masanobu Fukuoka's One Straw Revolution and Eliot Coleman's The New Organic Grower joined our bookshelves to be thumbed on a regular basis. Moving to our current property required Paul Baxter's Fruit for Australian Gardens - a must have when planting an orchard and then recently a real treasure Annette McFarlane's Organic Fruit Growing. So these all get handled on a regular basis to refresh our spirits and energy levels.

Well maybe we did have a productive day.

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