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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some days can become unproductive

Some days are just that little bit different than others. Woke up at 2.30 am and couldn't go back to sleep.

An option was to lay there and hope that sleep would follow sometime. That's fine except when sleep finally arrives it's probably going to be 5 or 6 am and the plan was to get away early to get a little shopping done, pick up books at the library and a spare part for the garden pressure system which is misbehaving. Before leaving there were the cattle to feed, some yogurt to start draining, the curing beef needed its morning turning and attention and there was also some bills to pay. Some of these could be left until after our return but then you are running behind all day and feeling out of sorts.

The option elected was to hop out of bed, make a coffee, stoke the fire and get on with setting up the yogurt to drain, do all the work associated with the various meats under cure, write up all the cheques to settle outstanding accounts and relocate funds from one account to another, write the days blog, check and respond to emails, read a few blogs and news items and download a couple of podcasts. The Oats for our cattle are slow to sprout in the cold weather and despite 48 hours allowed for this phase the little white shoots are only just emerging. Brilliant idea is to move the bucket inside for the second 24 hours to near the fireplace.

By 6.30 am it's all done and feeling sleepy the head hits the pillow and Jean wakes me at 8 am. Feeling fine and knowing that a nap can be slipped into the agenda during the drive a shower refreshes and off we go.

All the jobs are done in Raymond Terrace which is amazingly quiet for a Saturday morning. It is assumed that school holidays have sent families elsewhere. From there it's a brief drive to Karuah with a nap on the way. The oysters are collected and a decision reached to have morning tea at the Greek restaurant just outside Karuah. This proves to be a good find. Home made biscuits and good coffee at reasonable prices and includes a pleasant chat to the owner.

Home leads to a second nap and then out to install the water pump on the dam that was sitting in the workshop repaired but unneeded until this lack of rain demanded some watering. While on a roll the pressure system is fixed and the ute unloaded, our cattle moved and watering commenced before its time to collect milk.

Over a home brew beer and Blue cheese the day seems to have been productive and deeply satisfying.

See what happens when you make good choices early in the day.

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