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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Compost Bin, Tomatoes

Finally finished mulching all the Elderflower pruning's and layering the most recent NZ Compost bin. There wasn't quite enough material to finish off but the lawn mower and catcher provided another layer topped with mulch hay and some cow manure. All is watered in well and heating away for the next 6 weeks at which time it will be turned into the bin next to it. If that bin isn't free it'll just stay where it is for 12 weeks.

The layers were:

Fresh green mulch and chipped material
Dusting of fireplace cleanings (ash and charcoal)
Very thin layer of dirt from pots that have been re-done
A dusting of blood and bone every few layers

Another bin of compost completed with an older bin in the background warning the cold frame.

Most of the tomato seeds we planted last week and kept in the cold frame are already up thanks to the heat from an earlier compost bin. If left in the cold frame they seem to get long stemmed and straggly. All those that had come up and had the first leaves fully formed were transplanted into a larger pot and moved out of the cold frame but left on the compost bin. If all goes well now the seedlings should be a decent size to plant by the end of August.

Germinated Tomato seedlings potted up

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