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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Electric Fencing Tip, Garden Update

A round of all the herds before breakfast. One new bull calf over the river. Nothing new happening up on the hill but all calves well and no activity on the river. Moved next doors cows and calves onto a new strip but they weren't happy with that strip.

All the internal fencing on our 25 acres is electrified. To make it easier to work on fencing or isolate shorts there are a number of switches installed. Rather than purchase a whole bag of switches this little trick was picked up from a local farmer and is very effective. As can be seen from the two photographs it is a simple lift on or off to connect power to another run of the fence. As well as working well it serves as a visual guide to the state of the fence. The insulated cable is the heaviest gauge which provides a better springiness to form a clean circuit closure.

In the garden the potted Artichokes that were transplanted recently are growing at a good pace and have a lovely dark green foliage. We are looking forward to a good crop.

Also planted recently were these bunching shallots which have germinated and progressing quite well except for two. The two that hadn't popped out had been planted upside down and the stems were curved around still trying to find the surface whilst the roots were curving down looking for soil depth. A little adjustment was performed.


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