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Monday, July 8, 2013

TV Update

A very early start this morning to put out silage before going out to meet up with family for morning tea.

On the way home stopped at the electrical goods retailer to gather more information on our options with regard to PVR (Personal Video Recording) add on. Wandered about the store for about 10 minutes with out encountering a live human being. Didn't find any sign of a display of PVR units. Eventually approached by a middle aged salesperson who retraced my steps and admitted he couldn't find any either. What frightened him off was my question "How much do you know about PVR units?". He retreated to the far corner and had an animated conversation with a fresh faced young man who clearly objected to being disturbed from whatever he was doing on the store computer.

Eventually the young person approached me. There is a look that people get on their faces which translates as "I wish you would disappear". I put on my most cheerful exterior and explained my dilemma and pleaded for information. Too my surprise (well maybe not) I was led not to a $100 plug in box but to a $695 plug in gold plated unit. Eventually, there was an admission that there was a cheaper unit beside it, only $650. But it didn't work very well.

I retreated to the car wondering why all these intricacies and options hadn't been conveyed at the original purchase and more importantly why I was stupid enough to not do all my own in depth research. When 18 months ago we went out to purchase a computer, every sales person asked the same question "What do you plan to use your computer for?" the response would dictate which range that was shown with some guidelines as to accessories. TV systems must be far more complicated. Maybe that is why people replace their TV systems every 12 months so they don't lose touch with changing technology.

There is some comfort in knowing that my brother in law has to get his wife out of bed to start a DVD in their media centre.

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