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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brassica Progress

We have always had problems with Brussels Sprouts except this year. Previously the sprouts were small useless marbles but finally we have had success. But still we don't know what contributed to the success - was it a more fertile soil or just a better seedling? These little beauties are delightful halved and steamed served with a creamy cheese sauce.
 As usual the Cabbages continue to mature. This one is destined to be eaten in various dishes including a stir fry. Last week another dozen seedling were planted out to ensure we have plenty of product to make more Kim Chi and Sauerkraut.

This is one of the many Broccoli plants that were put into our partially shaded Summer bed. The heads weren't all that big but still we got something. The smaller heads were probably a result of running out of compost when these were ready to transplant and only blood and bone was used with a small amount of green manure. Some of the other plants located in a sunnier bed and well fed which have already had heads harvested have commenced getting side shoots. There will now be broccoli for months to come.

This is the only Purple Cauliflower planted. Not all that large. Probably due to insufficient nutrition. We don't plant a lot of Cauliflower mainly because it seems to take longer than Broccoli to produce a head and there are no follow on shoots. Still it is important to have variety in vegetable types and colours.

As usual all the morning checking of herds occurred and then after morning tea we went across the river and spent the rest of the day fencing and performing odd jobs such as mowing lawns. Although mowing lawns and trimming edges is not something either of us enjoy it is good PR. I'm sure the owner would rather be doing something else with his weekender than maintaining lawns. We remind ourselves how lucky we are to be both employed in a job as flexible as this i.e. come and go as and when you please, choose the work you want to perform and get paid. And we work together.

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