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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yoghurty Day

Collected milk yesterday evening and put it into the 25 litre cheese vat and the fridge overnight. This morning took off 2 litres off the top which was mainly cream to make cultured butter, bottled 8 litres for home use and set about making yoghurt with the rest.

This is the door of the freezer section of the spare fridge where we keep our cheese making supplies. The packet contents are kept in glass bottles and the packet labels are cut and tapped onto the bottle with Use By dates.

The usual morning chore of checking the neighbours cows but despite all the signs on one cow yesterday there were no calves. Later in the morning went over the river to feed silage and got some fencing work done. We are replacing a 100 metre section of old rusty steel posts and rotten wooden posts with a 2 wire electric and galvanised steel post fence. Todays effort was straightening one existing wood strainer and installing two stays made of recycled plastic. Pulled through one wire ready to partially strain before using it as a string line to position the steel posts.

Back home put out some organic pelletised chook manure on one paddock by hand (20 KG). and spent a productive late afternoon turning a NZ compost for the second time. It was a bit dry and needed a good water as it was turned.

Guests coming for lunch tomorrow meaning there has been a lot of house work and general tidying going on. We are not big on the house cleaning work so its good to invite friends over from time to time to force us to clean and tidy. It always looks good after the effort. Sometimes I think this is the best way to do it. That way you get this great contrast between the original dirty mess and the lovely spotless result. Some of us are just not designed to keep a regular schedule of housekeeping. That seems to apply to both us - what are the odds of this marriage match? It's also the reason there are almost no posts on making cleaning agents.

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