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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chocolate making and Blood Donation

Christmas Eve and the Blood Bank is in Clarence Town. We ran into some of the regulars who turn up every three months and make their contribution. Over the years because our appointment time varies you get to see most of the local donors. A lot quieter than normal as people are away. Often visitors staying in the camping ground will turn up. It's good to see people give a little of themselves and the timing is perfect in many ways.

We are going to have lunch with friends tomorrow and one job is to make some healthy chocolates for the event. We've been experimenting with the quantities. Less Dextrose and more Cocoa powder. 5 scoops of Coconut oil, 2 scoops of dextrose and 7-8 (and maybe a little more) scoops of Cocoa powder. Just done to taste.
For the occasion some experimentation with additives. One batch with Ported Prune centres – a little bit messy. Three separate batches with roasted nuts, Almond, Hazelnut and Peanut. A batch with toasted Coconut chips. And finally Sultanas which have been soaking in (home made) Grappa for 5 or more years. Apart from cleaning windows and other surfaces this may be the only other safe use for home made Grappa. 

These are not artisan style perfect in every way chocolates but they are home made.
And since we're at it a couple of standard un-fancy blocks for us.

Jean knocks out a Panforte. This can be a tedious preparation event but is made a lot easier by using her visiting mother as a kitchen hand. Lots of chopping involved. I'm hoping they have enough strength remaining to make one for us keep.

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