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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mulching cardboard into NZ Compost and more cheese making

Most of the the day has been spent making another NZ compost. To finish off the depth needed I'm reduced to mowing the lawn by hand to obtain enough green matter. The carbon is coming from mulch hay although overnight I had a brilliant thought.

We have accumulated a lot of cardboard in the form of collapsed boxes. Some from wine and some from other packaging. Rather than recycle it we have held onto the lot to use as a mulch base for garden beds. But not putting in any new beds of recent has meant it has become a large stockpile bordering on hoarding. My idea was to feed it through the mulcher to make it more digestible to bugs.

At first it was fed through the chipper but in the end I found it worked just fine through the main chute. As long as the material is cleared away from the outlet regularly there were no problems. Being a windy day I slipped a feed bag over the opening to contain the paperwork.

Every day we are finding another use for this aging mulcher.

Battling on with cheese making and Jean continues restocking the cultured butter. Today it was some Camembert made early enough to ripen for Christmas.
The tall Camemberts will be sliced down to size for salting

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