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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fruit and Vegetables

Just wanted to show a few items that are doing well in the garden at the moment.
This is Dragon Fruit. The plant is quite large and the mounting post up which it grows fell over a couple of months back. It is fine now and is preparing to flower. We have found at least 4 flowers forming although there could be more as the season progresses. Easy to grow plant and the fruit is fantastic. Very hardy.

This is a flower from a different angle.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Capsicum. This is the sweet variety. These little plants are prolific. Two or three plants will keep you in capsicums all Summer. Usually we just fry them until soft in a pan and then dress with salad dressing or soy sauce. Good nibble.

The Williams pear tree and the Packham pear are covered in fruit and consequently exclusion bags to prevent fruit fly. We will eat some of the fruit fresh but the bulk will go to making Perry. The exposed fruit will start to go off because of the fruit fly but the cattle love them. We will pull off the exposed fruit and toss them over the fence to be eaten before they break down too much.

One of the four Mango trees. The dry Spring was ideal for fruit set. The first time we have had fruit mature this far in many years. Hopefully it will keep going and ripen. There is so much fruit we are looking forward to eating and preserving. Probably freezing pieces will suit our need for fruit with fresh yogurt.

This is a sample of the Gresford Dry Pumpkin. It is small hard and keeps forever and tastes wonderful. It's call Gresford Dry because of where we purchased the first one and harvested the seed.

The Winter Squash also keeps well, tastes great and is spectacular in colour. Makes the cucurbit bed look pretty. Matures early.

A banana flower just starting

A good sized bunch of bananas. By thinning out the number of trunks in the bed we were able to increase the size of the fruit.

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