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Friday, December 27, 2013

Storing Feed Grain, Ferdies, Cattle

Just before Christmas we collected various grains for the chickens. We were running a bit low and with the holiday break coming up we thought we had better cover ourselves in case the supplier (Wadwells) was closed for a longer than normal period.

Wadwells are an excellent supplier. Not only are they the lowest price on pure grains but your order is packed on the spot from the silos ensuring a fresh high quality product.

The chooks have gone off wheat for the moment and normally that would be the largest portion but this time Barley and Sorghum (Milo) take a more prominent position. Last time we took some cracked Lupins but nobody was interested. This time we picked up just a couple of kilos to see if we could wean the new babies onto this excellent feed.

All the bins containing the last remnants of the previous purchase had to be emptied into smaller containers and the larger feed bins washed out and left to dry in the sun. This minimises the risk of weevils. We try to keep 4-8 weeks supply at all times just in case there is an interruption in supply.

The Indian Runner ducks (Ferdies) continue to grow. They are a very nervous breed and it doesn't take much to put them into a panic.

We let our cattle into the Nuttery every now and then depending on the amount of feed. Unlike the Orchard it can have sections isolated to keep the cattle from damaging or eating some of the more flavoursome varieties. It seems that Avocado and Mango are favourites.

Feeling sorry for them I opened the gate before all the fences were up. And it is uncanny how rather than leap at the succulent green grasses they immediately try to pull off the Mangos. They just can't help themselves.

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