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Friday, December 13, 2013


The Dragon Fruit has one flower bursting forth with others on the way. The flower is impressive and is very deep with a complex structure within. The delicious fruit won't be far away.

What's that saying in carpentry “measure twice, cut once”. Also applies to everything else. Having finally got around to laying down the recycled bricks to form a platform for the recycled garden shed I finished putting in some retaining timber on the front edge. This is held in place by cutting old star pickets into three and banging them in with a small but heavy hammer. In 35C heat this raises a sweat and the heart rate.

Just as an after thought I measured the depth of the brickwork to see how much spare room there would be in the front. Well to my surprise I was 100mm short of a completely good platform on to which the shed was to stand. Fortunately it didn't take that long to remove the edging and add another course of bricks. How lucky I didn't put in a concrete retaining edge as I would have if this was a platform close to the house. And how dumb not to mark out more carefully the size I needed.

No matter how old I get there are still times when laziness sometimes dominates thinking.

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