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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indian Runner Ducks

This post could be titled any number of ways:

Wacky Leaves Home
Un-Wacking the Wack Pack
Wack Free Zone
Wack Off
Wackless HHF

Wacky got her name because she was born with a slight problem i.e. throwing her head back in a fit. This occurred very often. Our guide book said feed her a little sugar and water very often. The problem being a shortage of glucose to the brain. It may take days but should fix the problem. Well eventually she came good. And she grew into the most beautiful duck. Jean could pick her up and she would rub her bill against Jean's cheek.  She also showed the others how to do things. First to use the baby pool, first to show how to eat Cucumber etc.

As with all these things there was a problem. She was a duck with four brothers. At 21-26 weeks they would become sexually mature and some very nasty things would happen.

There were a number of solutions:
  1. Freeze 3 drakes
  2. Freeze Wacky
  3. Give 3 drakes away
  4. Give Wacky away.
And so the nice lady who gave us the eggs agreed to adopt Wacky who would join her drake and three ducks.

There was a sad afternoon when Jean picked up Wacky and cuddled her. Wacky billed her cheek with affection and then went into the box and I was tasked with delivery. Jean went off to cry.

Wacky is the 2nd on the right with the delicate brown neck, obvious as she is the prettiest.
The best news ever was that she was accepted into the group almost immediately as you can see from the photograph above.

Jean emails Wacky most days with news from HHF and Wacky responds with news of her adventures.

Last email from Wacky:

Hi First Mum,
Just had to tell you how my first day at big pool went - I swam & swam & swam.These kids don't stop for morning or afternoon naps, I'm sooo tied.I've been put to bed (a little early I thought ) with the big kids tonight,I hope they don't snore as they said we have to swim all day tomorrow too?
Love Wacky
I have figured out why they hassled me this morning - it's because I'm younger & prettier than them.

Response from Jean:

Dearest Wacky,

You are such a clever girl! The Smith kids are known as the best swimmers in the district; you have gone to a wonderful family and home. I hope you don’t complain too much. Your new Mum will do nothing but look after you, so you must do as she says, when she says it. Just think of those wonderful days on that fabulous dam – just meant for ducks, even Runner ducks.

Love always,

First Mum

PS You and I Wacky may think that you are prettier, but the Smith kids are lovely too. In fact, you wouldn’t be the girl you are without them.

PPS Your brothers said to say a big hello. They also wondered if you could send over, by courier wild duck, some instructions on how to get into the pond here, how to get into the house at night, how to get through the open gate into the orchard and... they’ll send a full list via that courier wild duck.

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