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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pooless Update, Wine Enthusiasts

Its been 8 (November 12 2013) weeks since I last touched the shampoo bottle or used soap. Well I have used some soap but it is only to get rid of oil and grease stains after some mechanical repairs. In the shower now there is no automatically picking up the shampoo bottle or grabbing the bar of soap – a bit like giving up smoking so many decades ago. The subconscious mind tak es a while to adjust to the change in routine.

The difference in the hair is it is less fluffy but since it gets a wash at least once each day and a vigourous rub with the fingers it's not really greasy. Days like yesterday means three washes. A rinse off after the swim in the pool, a shower after attending the ticky work property and another shower that night before dinner. How clean can I get?

The skin change is not noticeable and no one has commented. I don't feel any different. Sometimes there is a a feeling that scents around me stand out more but that could be an illusion. Certainly I'm not coated in scented oils. The bees should like that. Jean says she hasn't noticed anything different.

Does that mean that shampoo and soaps have no real future other than getting rid of workshop grease and oil?

Because the HHF blog was written later than usual yesterday the computer was online at 12.15 pm and by chance the email account was reviewed. There was a late morning email from a wine forum contact who has been planning to come and visit to look at the wine side of our operations with a mate. They were going to be here in 45 minutes. Can't say we don't rise to the occasion even with Jean away across the river doing some harrowing. She returned just in time to join us for a cup of tea and some Christmas cake.

The visitors stayed for a couple plus hours and had a good look about not only at the wine side but the gardening aspect. We exchanged a lot of ideas, hints and knowledge. The cameras worked overtime and at one point there were the four of us in the vineyard with three dogs, some chooks and the two cats joined the group.

A pleasant break from routine for the day meeting new people and then off to move the irrigaors for their evening run. Oh and they did come bearing gifts so we now have some beers and wines to sample.

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