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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Life Project - First Steps i.e. Looking at alternative properties

The first steps towards change occurred today. Being a Sunday they were very much baby steps.

We left a voice mail message with the real estate agent in Wingham expressing interest in the two properties at Bobin. The best timing for an inspection was the coming Wednesday. Another long day driving north and back again. Just to make sure everything stays on schedule we also confirmed with an email to the same person.

One way of confirming mentally whether something is just a romantic ideal or truly a desire for change is to document or make some lists.

Things to Assess: This is a long list in our case about 25 items at the moment. It contains all the things that need to be examined in the target properties. Such things as water sources, soil, heating and cooling, buildings, fences trees, views, waste disposal and lots more. The point of this is not so much to compare current against future but to incorporate everything that may be an additional cost should it not exist and need to be added, purchased, built or lived without.

Services: Another long list of items that need thought. Postal, Library, Dental, Medical, Milk, Motor Vehicle Repair, Animal Feed etc. All just little things that in themselves are not deal breakers but important to be thought about in advance. This is a no surprises project.

Capital Works Budgets:  The beginnings of an itemised spread sheet that will contain all the key projects that may need investment And which will be key in assessing the change over cost.

Our Sale Price  minus Purchase Price plus Cost of Improvements to equal Zero
Pros and Cons:  The fully documented thought about and discussed decision making document including an examination of emotional reasons. We also discussed and documented one very important point i.e. What is the worst thing that can happen? Answering this question is the most important. It converts a challenging and frightening future to either a "relax and forget because it isn't going to happen" or an "adventure" or the deal breaking "It is just too risky".

If Moving:
A checklist of jobs that will need to be completed to be able to show HHF to potential buyers as well as all the tasks and their sequence that will make the transition a trouble free relocation.

If Not Moving
What are we going to do to improve around HHF. What were the reasons for us considering a move and what can be done to address those reasons without changing properties.

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