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Monday, January 6, 2014

So much for our New Year Resolution Point 1. Have a more balanced life.

First Day Back After the Christmas Break.

It went straight out the window on day one and last seen disappearing over the horizon.

Despite getting up early as usual to pump up and water because of the predicted hot day following several other hot days we never got in front far enough to sit and read. After the exercise in the pool I was off to work across the river which took two hours back in time to send Jean over to do her bit harrowing paddocks which took a couple of hours. In between watering individual trees that looked limp a Roquefort was commenced. Jean got back mid afternoon in time to start making some dishes for dinner (frittata and stuffed Capsicums) and get on with feeding chooks, cats, dogs and ducks. After starting the pumps a second time so we could irrigate the vineyard it was back to work to reset the two irrigation units. Returned by 5.30 to complete the processing of the Roquefort and finally enjoying a cool drink with some cheeses after 6 pm.

We are stealing ourselves for what we think is a duck disaster i.e. 4 drakes and 1 duck. Jean is not 100% certain of the make up but pretty sure. Options are limited. Find a home for 3 drakes or one duck or find 3 more ducks. The easiest is to find a foster home for the duck but that is little Waky the one she nursed back to health. Only good news is that all 5 have worked out how to climb into their swimming pool. I can see why people love ducks. They are so interesting to watch.

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