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Monday, January 27, 2014

Vintage Update and Cider - Bottling

There is an expectation that life may become hectic in the next couple of weeks as various grapes ripen and reach optimum maturity for picking.

We still have our Tannat grapes to pick. Not many as the vines are young. We are eating the Isabella table grapes each night. They are quite ripe but being left on the vine is the best storage method. Because of the dry weather this has been our most successful year for grapes.

In our list of bought grapes Sauvignon Blanc will be ready this week. On Friday we should find out on the progress of Shiraz. The Tempranillo may be a way off as it was still a bit green two weeks ago. And the bought Tannat could be any time.

With the oncoming busy schedule it was time clean up any loose ends in the cave. Just a tad over 30 litres of Apple cider to be bottled in 375 ml bottles. This will free up two large demijohns and other assorted containers and some bench space.

This involved priming 90+ bottles with a half teaspoon of sugar and then filling them. Followed by capping with a crown seal and then penning a code on the cap for identity.

Gradually through the day it was all done and that includes lots and lots of cleaning afterwards.

I can see we are going to have a hell of a lot of Cider and Perry this year. The Pear trees are loaded and they won't be ready until February/March. Probably February this year with the heat. Jean will be pleased to be self sufficient in Cider/Perry for once.

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