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Thursday, January 2, 2014


The Tomatoes are finally coming on. We harvested a good sample of each variety for seed saving today. Something we do each year. The pulp went into the pot along with a whole pile of other tomatoes and we produced another batch of puree. We've run out of jam type jars but have a surplus of 375 ml beer bottles courtesy of a friend who buys not makes. These are a better size for us than the larger 750 ml beer bottles. We bottle some in the larger size just in case but the majority into smaller bottles. It didn't take long to knock out another 15 bottles of puree. We still have plenty from last year but these things keep for a long time and you never know if one year will be totally unproductive.

Interesting how different weather results in different tomatoes doing better than others in that year. For once the Palmwoods are doing really well this year. They are a more meaty variety and ideal for making slow roasted Tomatoes with Garlic and Thyme. Something that can be eaten immediately or left for the next day.

Palmwoods on the left and Roma on the right

The other compulsory Tomato is Roma. It's not one of those that is exceptional eating. It is however robust. It grows and fruits prolifically no matter what the conditions. Seems to avoid fruit fly right to the very last moment and it will work in salads and other dishes. But its real value is in preserving as puree. You always get heaps from just one or two plants.

We are going through a bout of hot weather and no rain yet again. Our routine has been modified to marry with the conditions. Up early and get things done including a trip to the pool then retire to the house to read or do indoor tasks during the worst of the day and then out again to water any withered plants and get a few odd jobs done. We are having a true holiday in one sense as the across the river the boss is in residence and we only have to worry about our own property.


  1. Cherie - After filling the bottles, do you just seal them, or is there an additional preserving method (i.e. water bath) that you employ?

  2. Hi Dani, We just seal them with crown seals. The bottles and liquid are still very hot as the puree is taken straight from the stove where it was in a rolling boil. Cotton padded oven gloves are needed to handle the bottles for the capping process.