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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Day in the Garden

They say time spent in the garden is never wasted. Well that is true as we didn't waste any time today. We've planted a punnet of Broccoli and a punnet of Cabbage as well as a punnet of Leeks. These things take much less time if the bed has already been weeded and compost added a few days earlier.

It's a bit early for Onions but not too early to put some Onion seed into a punnet and get a start. And with watering in and relocating a few plants that was the morning gone. Jean went off to the dentist to start work on a new crown. apparently it will be an hour and a halves drilling and shaping.

Knowing Jean would be in a lot of discomfort when she returns home it was a busy afternoon getting as many chores out of the way so that she did not have to concern herself with them. Every body was fed and watered, washing hung out and some brought in and the vegetable garden scoured for dinner ingredients. And a start was made on the evening meal. When she did return she wasn't well. A lot of the trouble comes from having your mouth stretched open for so long. Apparently even the dentist found it hard going. They even put off asking for payment until the next visit so as not to inflict more pain.

A quiet evening and an early meal.

Summer is nearing its end but the garden is still producing. Collected Watermelon, Rockmelon, Okra, a few Tomatoes and salad ingredients. And there is still more to come.

First Pineapple for this year

Turmeric doing exceptionally well

The Dragon Fruit has been setting fruit madly

Dragon Fruit

The Indian Runner Ducks - still timid

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