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Friday, February 14, 2014

Termites Revisited

This morning the pest control company man attended at 8 am to start the treatment process. He brought some spikey Cucumbers from his garden and half a dozen chilli seedlings. These have nothing to do with the treatment just a thoughtful gift.

I lifted the shelving board that had been removed last visit and remembered to have a camera handy. The activity was not as great as previously. this may have been due to our disturbing them. Who knows.

The treatments are a powdery substance mixed with water to make a thick paste a bit like bread dough. This was put into this opening and the board replaced. Another bait was placed in a dark corner with foil covering it and a third was also placed under another shelving board.

The termites are interesting characters. Probably less interesting if they hadn't infested the cave. When we lifted the second shelving board we could see these stalagmites going from the concrete surface to the under side of the board. They build these to access the board more quickly rather than having to walk up the side of the wall and under the board. Lazy buggers.

While on site the pest man conducted some further inspections around the property and then was off. Back in two weeks to see how the traps are fairing.

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