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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chocolate Making Conquered

Making chocolate with Coconut oil, Dextrose and Cocoa powder has been going on for a while at HHF but although satisfying it has never been a really great product. Mainly because the Dextrose didn't quite dissolve as well as would be liked and didn't have that flavour that one looks for in a good chocolate. The chocolate melts easily because of the coconut oil.

Then the a spark of an idea or in this case two ideas. Why not reduce the amount of Coconut oil to make a thicker consistency and less melty. The second idea was to use the Creamed Honey of which there was so much.

Hard to believe but the first trial was a success. Absolutely beautiful with a wonderful texture and flavour.

3 parts Coconut (get good quality stuff)

1 part Creamed Honey

7 parts Cocoa Powder ( again get the best quality

Melt the Coconut oil in a Baine Marie add the honey and chocolate and stir until smooth. Pour into moulds and set in refrigerator.

We love roasted peanuts in ours. We roast some raw nuts and place a single layer in the mould. A sprinkling of toasted Coconut chips, shreds or desiccates is also nice.

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