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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rain, Pinot Noir

Some rain finally. A few scant millimetres in the past two days and then today a steady drizzle with a few heavier falls. The end result was 25 mm for the day. More than was forecast and a good start. This should kick off some grass growth for the cattle in the area. A bit early to say the dry spell is broken but the 28 day rain forecast indicates a few more showers on the way.

Ok to wander about outside briefly but not worth getting wet by staying out in the open creating a perfect day to get some tasks done under cover.

Firstly the Pinot Noir had reached its 22 days on skins and pressing commenced and plodded along slowly all day. Pinot Noir is renown for its lack of skin colour pigments. This batch was no different. Not as black as the Chambourcin of a few days ago but still pretty good for Pinot. At least the long soak has extracted everything it has to give. It was put in a demijohn with a 50/50 mix of American and French Oak chips. The taste was sensational. This will develop well.

In the kitchen a batch of Fetta was produced. A straight forward cheese easy and uncomplicated to make.

While that was underway some peanuts were roasted and a batch of chocolate made. The new recipe is so good that a little extra was mixed and some ported prunes in an ice cube tray received a dash of chocolate.

A loaf of bread mixed in the bread maker and then let rise most of the day before baking in the bread maker. After the mixing the paddle is removed and the mix is kept warm as the bread maker thinks it is going through the various punch down stages, With our own coarse grinding of flour it is best not to disturb the rising process.

Jean took the time take some watermelon to friends. With so much ripening at once we tend to distribute a large quantity other people.

Jean returned with Aldi's $50 E-reader. We have been talking about acquiring an E-reader for some time mainly because a large number of electronic agriculture and gardening  books have been accumulated.

It is possible to read them on the laptop as long as you are prepared to sit in the office and do so. The laptop's battery is long gone. We do most of our reading at night in bed and lying down with a laptop is not easy especially navigating a book with the touch pad.

A lot of research was conducted before we rushed in. It was a matter of not being caught in the spiral of accumulating gadgets which only keep the attention briefly before finding a spot in the bottom drawer.

After charging the E-reader it went through its paces that night with Edward  Faulkner's "Ploughman's Folly, A Second Look" The E-reader is very good and a real pleasure to use.

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