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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vegetable Garden Update

Some economy of action has occurred with our work across the river. The boss has purchased irrigation  pods which are strung out in  row of up to ten. They water more slowly than the irrigation units we normally use but this is positive because they only need setting up once each day. Whereas the other irrigation units travel forward on a cable slowly and pour on a set amount of water the pods just spit out a pulsating and rotating spray on a timer. The more water needed the longer the time set. Great idea because they are set up in the morning and water for 24 hours on the harder country and 8-12 hours on the better soil. Because of that innovation I only need to visit in the morning, feed the cattle position the pods and home again. Jean follows up later in the day to harrow or do any other chores.

We are continuing our work on cleaning up garden beds with good results even though the weather is uncomfortably hot and humid the good results are an incentive to continue.

A blank space where we removed a grape cutting starter bed.

This post comes late because we converted from a prepaid internet connection to a fixed line ADSL. The changeover knocked us off line for a day while we waited for everything to be connected. The fault being ours because we left it too long to sign up and the prepaid service expired.

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