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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paying for the Grapes

Today was really an outing for the dogs. They love their trips in the car. The two girls on the back and Nikki in the back seat.

It was time to settle up with the two vineyards where we purchase grapes. I'd telephoned ahead a couple of days ago to let them know we would call past and pay our bill. In total we had picked 370 KG of grapes over seven varieties plus our own Chambourcin. One of the vineyard managers has two small children and they had tried out creamed honey. Consquently he was pretty excited about the large jar that accompanied the envelope of cash. Sweetening the deal so to speak.

We called in at a few winery cellar doors to look at their offerings but decided not to taste as we would not be purchaseing anything from their lists. They had some interesting wines but these were out of our price range coming in at bteween $35 and $44. No doubt the quality is there but it would be wasted on our ordinary palates.

There is a high point near one of our vineyards with a picnic area which is an ideal place for a thermos of coffee and scones and safe for the dogs to have a run. The entire valley with its vineyards always look spectacular with the long straight rows and landscaped gardens.

I can understand why people would move to the area to be exposed to the lifestyle and the romance of the industry. You could even start or buy a small vineyard and turn a fortune into a smaller one.

We returned home quite late in the afternoon after a full day. The dogs exhausted from hours of straining on their leads as they took in the sights and smells of the trip.

Another adventure.

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