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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Unproductive Day

The good news is today was the final check and feeding of the next door neighbour's cattle. They arrived back in the evening and phoned to let us know we could stand down. All animals OK i.e. fed, watered and alive. A relief to get a break after 2 months. The neighbours had a great time and it was the longest they had ever been away from the property.

One of the local library branches is relocating and had a surplus book clearance sale. $5 for a bag of books of your choosing. Went along after chores were complete and collected a very big bag of books from the range on display.

The only jobs that we managed to finish today was to top up the wood pile, pump up to the holding tank and give the gardens a good watering once the wind had subsided. Fortunately Home Hill farm is well wooded and there are always some large fallen limbs and the odd dead tree ready for cutting up and collection. Hopefully the cold nights are coming to and end and we won't need too much more firewood. There hasn't been any rain for a while which is typical of August and the westerly winds apart from being cold are very drying.

The incubator is still working well although the temperature and humidity transmitter inside cuts out from time to time. Fortunately the backup probe works. After these eggs are hatched an additional backup monitor will be installed from the spares we have.

Calibrating the Hygrometers is not happening. The instructions are straight forward but nothing seems to be changing. Will need to investigate this salt water technique a bit further.

The Mandarin wine is still sitting on the fireplace and hasn't started fermenting - don't know why. Another thing to look into.

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