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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well our bees are coming. Tomorrow afternoon we will collect the nucleus at Peats Ridge just over an hour's drive away. A couple of weeks ago when we were advised the nuc would be ready the preparations were started. It was a surprise as it wasn't expected until October.

The previous hive was located in a convenient spot (convenient for us) but it turned out too shady. The stand has been relocated to a sunnier position but still convenient to observe and access without being in the flight path.

The base board, brood box and lid have been cleaned and a fresh coat of paint added. Six frames have been scrapped and then flamed with a gas burner to sterilise and a hive entrance closure fabricated. The last step before embarking on the journey will be to add foundation wax to the frames.

The timing is perfect for Spring flowering. We are not in need of honey but not having at least one hive on the property for the first time since we arrived over 20 years ago has left us with a feeling that something is missing. It didn't help to have to pass the vacant hive stand each day. There seems to be something special about having your own bees. I don't know how to describe the feeling. maybe its just that everything seems right when they are here.

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