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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Progress on The Project

Woke up at 2.30 am and decided to get up now and do a few chores before heading out to pick up Jean at 5 am. The bus was on time. Jean was happy to be home and I was happy she was home. Home Hill Farm never seems complete when she is away.

After breakfast Jean went to bed for a nap after the 9 hour almost sleepless bus trip and I took the opportunity to head over the river and move the irrigator to its next run and put more silage out.

The bulk of the day was spent in the workshop on The Project which is progressing well while Jean checked on the springers next door and pottered around the house getting pots and beds watered.

The electrics fitted and tested, needs a little more protection around some of the exposed wires

Getting to the endgame with The Project. All the electrics are complete, the lining finished and the pull out draw which will hold the evaporation water done. The last few tasks are the mesh platform to support the eggs, the mesh barrier around the electrics, two ventilation holes (one for fresh air in and one for stale air out and last of all will be a mechanism to allow for rolling the eggs without opening the box. Once the mesh is complete the unit can go into test mode to calibrate the thermostat and humidifier.

The humidifier draw. Allows for up to three trays of water to be used. The trays are recycled trays from farmed Salmon fillets.

It is hard to hold back and not rush to the finish. So far the routine has been finish a stage and then think about the next stage for a day or two before returning. This has so far worked well in getting to this stage without any major problems. Is this design and build on the run?

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