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Friday, August 16, 2013

Catching Up

A productive day catching up with the backlog of work. Another baby over the river  (15/25) and finished irrigating the freshly harrowed paddocks as well as the latest bit of fencing ready for the weaners to hit the thigh high Oats.

The asparagus bed received its final weeding and an application of fresh compost watered in with Seasol.

A perfectly clean Asparagus bed

Started melting the frozen Mandarin juice working on the theory that the sugars will melt first providing an opportunity to set the Brix level at the ideal number. We shall see.

One of the blocks of Mandarin ice melting

Picked up a recipe to make a mock Tabasco sauce. Seems very simple. Puree red hot chilli's, add a teaspoon of salt per cup of puree (30:1). Leave for one month to ferment. Drain liquid from pulp or leave some or all the pulp depending on your preference. Add vinegar to taste and allow a little time for the vinegar to integrate and you are done. The food processor had trouble pureeing the chilli's so half a dozen tablespoons of yoghurt whey was added (not in the recipe). Will see how this progresses.

Hot Chilli puree on its way to hot sauce

The Tomato seedlings are progressing well and are well on their way to planting out in the first week of September. 

Do we have enough Tomato Seedlings?
Last job of the day was a small chocolate bar using Coconut Oil, Dextrose. organic Cocoa Powder, lightly roasted peanuts and shredded coconut.

A perfect addition to the evenings Dandelion coffee
A recent change to evening meal format has been having a small plate of vegetables as an entrée. Last night it was Brussels Sprouts, Snow peas and Roasted Sweet Potato with Rosemary all topped with a sauce. The sauce (courtesy of Yottam Ottolenghi's Plenty)  is Dijon Mustard, Olive Oil, Chopped Capers and Garlic. Just a way to get a  good mix of vegetables into the system.

Oh and almost forgot. Ate one of the recently made mock Roquefort minis. Tasted terrific even if it does need another week or two to finish ripening. Goes well with sparkling Chardonnay.

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