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Friday, August 16, 2013

Mounting Work Load

One new calf over the river today. So that's 7 out of 7 on the river, 13/16 on the hill and 14/25 over the river. Still a ways to go. The ground is already responding to the irrigation and the sunshine.

The work load is mounting as more time has gone into The Project and precious hours frittered away earning an income. Making a trip into Newcastle didn't help the time management. But there were some books to collect from Cardiff library and the fuel supply was low which corresponded to a 40 cent per litre fuel discount docket. The discount came to $60. We won't be needing any fuel for a couple months at least.

The Project has had a fine mesh barrier added to the rear to isolate the electrics as well as some insulation of exposed 240 volt terminals. A few cosmetic features as sealing joints in the tray and a nice knob for the thermostat which needed some modification to fit neatly. Getting awfully close to testing phase.

Things yet to get done are:

One last weed of the Asparagus bed and add some compost
Make some chocolate bars with nuts and coconut shreds
Finish the floor tray on The Project
Collect more milk tonight
Mulch the Onions (after running some Lucerne through the mulcher)
Finish a small piece of fencing over the river and set up the Oats paddock for the weaners.
And half a dozen other things along the way.

Last nights dinner was pretty nice. A few slices of Havarti on Daikon Radish and then pieces of smoked Salmon served with our double cream cheese (tasting particularly good), Horseradish and a Caper berry washed down with our own sparkling Chardonnay. The main course was spicy Sweet Potato soup with Coriander and coconut milk. And then some yogurt and fruit. The rewards of hard work and a full larder.

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