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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wire Twitch Knot

Well it's obvious that it takes two to run this place and achieve any forward progress on the list of non-chore jobs that need attention. The bulk of the day was just doing chores although managed 2-3 hours in the workshop working on a project. That was probably self indulgent as there are lots of higher priority jobs. But what the hell it was Saturday.

One of the most useful things that can be done with a piece of wire is a Twitch also known as a Cob and Co knot. The lovely thing about this knot is that the only tool is a small bar which could be a screwdriver, hardwood stick or even the handle of a pair of pliers (don't do it with insulated handles). The knot is easy, quick and strong. A lot of tension can be exerted with little effort.

Take a piece of wire twice the length needed and bend in half

Wrap around the items to be pulled together and insert a bar in the loop holding the other end with your hand.

Use the bar to twist the loop around the wire you are holding. The twisting will pull the wires tight around the object.

Don't over tighten as the wire can break

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