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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carl the rooster

We have a rooster called Carl (one of a number of roosters). Carl came as a day old unsexed chick with 11 other siblings.

Jean had wanted to broaden her collection of varieties and picked up some different types from a local hatchery including White Leghorns. The 12 chicks were bunged under Bootsy one of our yard resident hens when she became broody. As there is no yard resident rooster none of the eggs she was sitting on were fertile. She is an excellent mother and adopted the babies immediately. As they grew one Leghorn would separate himself from the pack and go behind the Mulberry bush and practice crowing. For some reason he became Carl. Eventually the 12 were weaned and just as well as having that many chickens in the house yard is a disaster for the garden beds. They were taken over to the hen house and joined the other chickens.

But Carl is special. He is not a fighter and would stay on the roost to escape confrontation with the other roosters (some of which found their way into the freezer). The only way he would eat or drink was if Jean stood over him for protection.

So the to solve that problem Carl is brought over to the house yard about midday each day and allowed to stay until evening before being carried back to his pen. This way he gets food and water and some green pick. He is also a good companion for Bootsy and Burbles the two house yard residents.

He is extremely pliable and is happy to be picked up. If you roll him onto his back he shuts his eyes and pretends to be asleep.

Unfortunately he does have a very load crow. Especially when he stands outside the bedroom window while you are trying to take a nap. On the other hand he is completely selfless. When given some mince the other day he wouldn't eat it but kept calling the girls. What a man!

So Carl pays his way at HHF by being just a nice little bloke.

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