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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What a day - sat around reading

Yep. Apart from ducking across the river to move and feed some cattle most of the day was spent reading. Unbelievable - bone lazy.

Well maybe not we did go down to the town pool for some swimming and aquarobics. This was the first time in about two weeks which is why we both felt buggered and had a lazy day.

Yesterday I mentioned some baby rabbits nesting in the hay well here they are:

Also the eggs in the incubator have started producing baby chicks.

The book I've been wading through is "The Untold Story of the United States" by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. A riveting read even at over 800 pages of fine print. Now a motion picture. It doesn't engender much hope when pretty much every president of the USA is painted in a bad light. Some appear to have not been all that worldly or bright and there was the odd madman. Still a couple have some good aspects either at the beginning of their reign or at the end depending on whether they saw the light or succumbed to illness. I suppose to be fair all made at least one positive contribution but on the whole in most cases there were probably better contenders who didn't get the gig. The machinations of underlings, business and party hacks is all the way through it. This is probably a common feature of politics in most countries. I suppose it makes sense that the people that get to the top are the most passionate and ruthless. Interfering in other countries and serving the needs of big business dominates the agenda. There doesn't seem to be any room to address issues such as climate change. We live in a strange world.

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