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Monday, November 11, 2013


Another beautiful day with rain coming and going in waves. Looking out of the kitchen window the back lawn is almost completely green again after months of dry brown.

Across the river we put out hay for all the stock which they loved as there is little grass now. The boss was up at the weekend and fertilised a number of paddocks. With this rain we may get some decent growth in a couple of weeks and get back to normal - maybe.

Over at HHF we had purchased some bags of pelletised chook manure with seaweed and blood and bone a few weeks ago. The break in the showers allowed me a chance to spread some of this by hand in a couple of paddocks. Just a little bit to give some of the better stands of grass a lift.

We have been eating more and more dried beans (after they are cooked) and have planted extra beans this year to try and harvest our own. I prefer climbing beans for easier cultivation and harvest but had some trouble finding suitable varieties to plant. Finally got on to Diggers who have a big selection and purchased a few different climbers suitable for dried beans.

Back in the workshop again I'm gradually cleaning up outstanding jobs. All the pallets are dismantled and stored for some future project. All the bee frames are cleaned and put away. We have a car jack without a handle which cost a dollar at the Dungog dump shop. Its allocated to the trailer and today I started fabricating a handle. There are only a couple of jobs remaining. One is to service a borrowed jackhammer which is due for return and the other is a rollup awning for our outdoor dining area which needs some brackets fabricated before it can be installed. A good clean-up in the workshop is also due. Hopefully another day of rain will assist.

It's so relaxing pottering around in the workshop with podcasts playing in my headphones and creating practical things. I always feel a sense of relaxing peace and accomplishment as I go from job to job. The podcasts are mainly from Radio National which has such a diverse set of programs many of which are so educational as well as entertaining.

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