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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Survivalism, Preparedness or just Planning - Part 2


What are we doing about staying healthy and out of the doctors surgery. Are we controlling our weight, eating the right food. It doesn't matter which diet you go on as long as it helps keeping your weight respectable, your body healthy AND can you stick to it for the rest of your life. There are plenty of options: Paleo, Atkins, CSIRO, 5:2, Mediterranean, Weston A Price etc. Each one offers something different. Their common denominator is getting you off eating rubbish.

Pre-packaged, pre-processed foods with a list of ingredients so long it has to be in a font size of 4 are definitely a mistake to take orally.
Remember that if you stick too much food in your gob some of it will stay with you. A little restraint is needed.

The best food is the stuff you grow yourself, pick fresh and prepare into a meal - all the time. Healthy eating is having a garden no matter how small. The more you cook from scratch the better at it you become, the easier it is and the more enjoyable.

Don't make excuses. If you can find time to breath you can find time to grow and prepare meals. What is more important, a healthy life or something else you had in mind to do rather than grow and prepare food. Get off Twitter, stop checking your email more than once each day, stop texting, get off Google and don't look at Facebook every 30 minutes. Your time will be consumed by the most inane comments or searches rather than focusing on health. The internet is a great tool. Exercise moderation.

The mobile phone must be one of the greatest productivity killers for the average person. Constantly checking for messages, taking calls in the middle of doing something else and phoning home from the supermarket to see if someone wanted the Frosties or the Coco Pops. Write a list or do without and don't buy sugared breakfast cereals which is pretty much all of them. And turn the bloody thing off when you're working.

I won't even mention television.

And staying slim by keeping your calorie intake low does not guarantee you immunity.

Exercise is mandatory. You need strong bones, muscle tone and a functioning mind is aided by exercise. A variety of exercise to cover muscle building and aerobic activity is necessary. And it gets worse here. You have to keep increasing the exercise as you get fitter. Yep, sorry about that but its your choice, make an effort or not you only get back what you put into it. That 30 minutes a day for three days each week they try and sell is not the end point. It is the starting point because they don't know how unfit you are can't have you doing a fetlock or dropping dead. Heavy breathing and perspiration are good signs.

While on the subject of health there is the matter of medical prescriptions. How many people never question what they are prescribed. Asking why and what are the alternatives and where is the evidence and seek a second opinion. It is so easy to take a pill and not examine the underlying cause. And with pill taking it is so so easy not to make any life style changes. Once you start on the pills it is a hard road back.

Being healthy gives you a chance to cope with life's adversities be they physical, mental or emotional.

Part 3 the final part will cover WealthEvaluation and Resources

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