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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plastic Bags a real problem

 Having mentioned in yesterday's blog that our pressure pump was having trouble reaching full pressure it was disconnected this morning and lugged down to the workshop. The first thing to check was the none return valve. It was fine. Then off came the impellor housing and there sat the problem. Not a broken or loose impellor but the remains of a plastic shopping bag. About time all the supermarkets joined Aldi in not throwing them about like confetti.

Being on a winning streak and with rain showers coming and going it was time to clean up some outstanding jobs lined up in the workshop. Firstly the horizontal support for the Passionfruit trellis was completed and installed. Pretty simple solution.

Then the height extension tubes for the mobile climbing bean stand were finished.

Add a 200mm length of tube to each end

And now to increase height slip in a star picket into the tube

Last week we picked up some pallets from a friend's building site which had a sheet of really thick Masonite as a top layer. Started deconstructing these and harvesting the Masonite and the supporting timbers.

A pair of work boots had the soles coming loose. Ripped off both soles, cleaned and abraded them before gluing together again. And finished the day cleaning and storing some bee hive frames.

Very successful wet day in the workshop. I always look forward to the rainy days as a chance to spend some quality time with my tools.

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