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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pitfalls of Rain

Yes there is a downside. The grass grows rapidly and out come the lawn maintenance tools.

We have had so little rain for months that there has been no need to use the mower other than to collect a little grass for the chook pen. The edge trimmer has remained silent for so long I'd forgotten how unpleasant it is to use on a hot muggy afternoon when encased in protective clothing.

Edge trimmers are great gadgets. Before they existed you needed hand shears on your knees to neaten the edges. Now you can wander past waving the roaring apparatus and clear away dense growth in seconds.

In the dry weather you work in a shroud of dust and in the wet you get coated with wet grass clippings, snail remains. And you really know when you hit the dogs fresh droppings.

But two hours later its all done for at least a couple of weeks and looks great.

Never did get to clean up the workshop but at least almost all the wet weather jobs are complete. Might be some rain in a few days which would be a good follow up and a chance to sweep up the mess on the floor of the workshop and tidy up the benches.

A bit untidy
This is what it should look like

Forgot all about the Coconut Yogurt that was made a few days ago. It has set firmly in the refrigerator and tastes great. There is still some experimenting to complete. The firming agent was Tapioca starch of which three tablespoons were added. In the next batch we'll try to reduce this. Also we want to see what the minimum time is to produce a tasty batch. This last lot sat on the stove for 48 hours. The instructions say 12-24 hours.

The Tomato plants are racing ahead but they still look a way of ripening. Fortunately the self sown bushes in the Sweet Potato bed are supplying a goodly quantity each day for the evening salad.

The melons are a long way off producing fruit as are the pumpkins but the vines are looking healthy despite a little nibbling from the night creatures.

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