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Friday, November 29, 2013

Trip to the city

Every 12 months we go to a skin cancer clinic, strip off and have ourselves examined. By having two of us at the same time it saves some waiting time for the practioner while one is being examined the other undresses etc. Our regular examiner is always jolly and upbeat, we're sure he must be on something as no one can deal with the public be that happy all day. A really nice guy and very thorough with his examination. The problem this time was I had to unload hay on the day scheduled so Jean went alone and I rescheduled for a week later.

Rather than waste the hour's drive I built in a host of other jobs on the way. Pick up oil and filters for the tractor service, A new battery for the ride on mower. Amazing how batteries fail to work when the grass starts growing. Picked up some beer making supplies at a new homebrew shop. Being enamoured by the German purity laws and their beer flavours I went for the Lager, Dark Ale and Dark Wheat. Jean likes her Guinness and that was added to the pile.

Then to the hardware store for a new rain gauge. Our 20 year old was decapitated in a hail shower earlier in the week. Decided on the monster size in case we get another 300 mm downpour. A few other stop offs for incidentals.

All clear at the skin check. "Don't want to see you for another year" and a handshake.

Being 4 pm it was perfect timing for the real reason for the late appointment. Fish Frames. The nearby fish processing plant starts to fill its rubbish bins with the leftovers from its filleting bench after 2 pm. I'm in luck and one bin is nearly full. We keep a bunch of 20 litre lidded containers for this task. Two and half containers worth and out comes one of the fillet makers who I know. He offers to top up my last container from inside the building. Another nice bloke to finish the day.

Head down and the focus is on getting home. I've had enough of city life. By the time I've unpacked the car and poured us a drink we realise it is nearly 24 hours since we had a meal. A perfect fasting day. Too busy to notice the hunger.

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