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Sunday, March 2, 2014

And it Continues to Rain

Another day of rain. Not heavy just a steady drizzle from time to time, but it keeps coming back. Another 16 mm overnight. After a prolonged dry spell farmers say "We need 3 inches to give it a good soak". We have now just passed the 3" mark.

The plan was to wash the Cave floor gradually over the next week, but in the absence of something else to do in the wet it proceeded to get done today. Washed a section, then when it dried moved a bit of stuff about and washed another section. I've found that the scrubbing brush is adequate but that a big handful of steel wool is even better. Especially getting crushed grape berries off.

I'm only using a little cloudy Ammonia in the scrubbing water and just plain water and a rag to wipe up the mess. Slow and steady progress and by late afternoon it was all done. Not under any moveable objects close to the wall or too close to the edges where the visitors (termites) might be put off by the smell as I didn't want to disturb the little visitors at this time. Once they have left home I'll get in and do the remainder of the floor.

This is one of the Termite baits. You can see they have built a protective edge around the foil which means they are eating it. Lovely!

What is a bit of a shock is how dirty and discoloured the floor had been. Not that I managed to get it pristine this time round but it is so clean that when the light is turned on it is extremely bright in the room. The floor was originally painted with a pale yellow cement paint and now that the stains are removed there is a certain lightness.

So clean

Yesterday's writings mentioned Core Strength training. Well today just for something different we did Yoga. It's a DVD that we have been using for years by Gary Bromely. Just about the right level of difficulty for us, easy to follow and an excellent mix of stretches. We enjoyed it having not done a session for while and felt great afterward. Something special about doing Yoga first up in the morning before starting the day.

Things pottered on nicely all day. A batch of Fetta started and finished and another batch of chocolate using our newly created recipe of 3 Coconut Oil, 1 Honey and 7 Cocoa. Jean has taken a fancy to just plain chocolate that is moulded flat and quite thin i.e. less than 5 mm. It has a great texture and the thinness lets it melt nicely in the mouth. And the good bit is that it is full of Cocoa and a small piece is filling.

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