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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Loving the Present or Fearing the Future

What about embracing sustainability because we love the things we love about the present, not because we fear the future?”

What he said set me thinking. Maybe there is something in that statement.

At HHF we grow our own food, not because food in the shops will suddenly run out, but because we like the taste and the nutritional freshness of home grown. We know what went into growing the food and we know it is free of anything that can hurt us.

We incorporate Permaculture design methods and thinking as well as other practical planning and management processes because they make sense and make us more efficient in getting all those things done that we enjoy doing. Without good planning and execution it just isn't possible to fully achieve our goals. Things like Function Stacking and using Zones appropriately build both short and long term efficiency to everyday activities freeing up time for other tasks (such as reading).

Frugality and waste reduction leads to saving money and to independence. It is, surprisingly, a more efficient way to operate.

Why are Jean and I so frugal and hate waste?
Its not because we want to save the planet. For Jean it's very simple. Somebody put some energy, love, tenderness and care into creating that object. It now has its own aura. To throw it away without having used it to its fullest is disrespectful to both the person who was its creator as well as to the object and to the source of the material of which it is constructed. And it's a waste of money.

Isn't it good to hear the point of few of others such as Larry Santoyo to stimulate the mind and think more deeply?
It doesn't even matter if you agree with them. It is the review of your own thinking that is important.

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