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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Mini-Cyclone

This post was planned to be about HHF Sectors in Permaculture but the 100 km wind ruined our afternoon by knocking out the power and internet link for the next 24 hours.

So it seems appropriate to examine the preparedness of HHF in this mini disaster.

We were laying about reading but realised it was a pretty series storm by the horizontal water. Fortunately, it came from our west which meant the temporarily stored bags of chicken grain on the eastern side didn't get wet and because there is a tarpaulin stored in the carport for emergencies it only took a second to throw it over the bags.

The next problem was discouraging Jean from getting up on the roof to clear the gutters. It was a thunder storm and being a vegetarian I explained I couldn't eat fried Jean for dinner.

One large terracotta pot was blown over and broke into pieces. A shame but that was the sum of it.

Kaffir Lime replanted

The wind breaks on the Western side reduced the intensity enough to leave us almost untouched.

Just over the hill there was carnage with the power lines but that had little effect on us as well. Being daylight saving there was plenty of light and we were planning a BBQ that evening anyway. There was a loaf of bread just ready to go in the oven but being gas that didn't stop proceedings.

When the Heat Pump Hot Water system was installed it wasn't hard wired as normally is the case. Instead it has a 15 amp plug enabling us to plug into the generator if needed.

We always keep plenty of water bottles about the house for drinking but decided to activate the generator and start the house water system so as to be able to wash the vegetables and take a shower. But rather than lay out leads for the house lighting and TV we made it a reading only night. There were two newly acquired LED torches for reading lamps and they were amazingly good.

Best lighting source ever

Not knowing the full extent of the damage to power infrastructure we assumed that it would be reconnected with 4-6 hours and decided to leave the fridges and freezers alone. But by 6am they went onto the generator for a couple of hours.

So no big deal and the generator received its monthly test  firing.

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