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Friday, March 7, 2014


A recent posting from HHF was about raw milk. The topic arose by chance from a document found in our files while conducting a general cleanup. It dawned that the topic should not have been about raw milk at all but the broader and more important topic of the food we ingest everyday.

Our bodies need food and water to survive, grow, remain healthy, procreate and produce the energy to conduct our daily lives. Yet so often Jean and I comment to each other how little importance we observe being placed on the act of consumption and the object of consumption.

For us at HHF food is more than something that needs to ingested at three or more regular intervals each 24 hours. It is more than a task to be conducted rapidly before moving onto an activity of another form.

It is the acts of planning, growing, gathering, preparation and consumption. If anything it is the objective not a result.

When looking through seed catalogues or seedlings in a shop we get inspired and plant more than we can ever consume. There is a desire to grow the very best quality avoiding artificial stimulants and chemicals. We look to Steiner, Fukuoka, Holmgren and Mollison and others for guidance.

The selections are based on diversity of species, different elemental values, colours, flavours shapes, nutritional values and recipe needs.

The harvesting is for peak nutritional value and freshness. Nothing picked before preparation is about to start. Preserves in our pantry are few. Just a couple of basics that are needed for some special recipes. With the climate at HHF fruits and vegetables grow all year round. Recipes are selected for the contents of the garden.

There are some items that don't quite match the pick fresh category such as Potatoes, Pumpkins Garlic and Onions which are harvested and stored. But Carrots, Cucumbers, beets, Broccoli,greens fruits and as much else as possible are picked for the table.

Perfection in these pursuits can never be achieved. Sometimes you do what you can with what you have. While living in Sydney mid week for seven years I took my stock of vegetables with me. Yes they weren't the freshest by the end of the week but they were better than anything I could buy.

We steam vegetables rather than boil, raw where ever it applies. Don't juice eating the skin, pulp and all the vitamins and minerals they contain.

What a crime that the most popular grapes are seedless as are melons. What about the food value of those missing seeds?

People in general and fortunately not all desire convenience. Ready to eat, nil preparation, fully processed and preserved. And then we impact the health system. Food is health.

The most enjoyable meals are those prepared with care and served to friends over wine and diverse conversation.

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