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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cuisine Club

This meeting of our Williams Valley Cuisine Club had Egypt as its menu theme.

There was a 25% increase in membership as a new couple joined the group raising the number of attendees to eight.

A massive amount of food spread through the host's kitchen as we shared drinks and chatted before seating for the banquet. An array of dishes gave representation to the cultural background of Egypt. A few fez's sat atop heads and Jean, wearing a borrowed black wig, gave a brief interpretation of Cleopatra (minus the Asp) walking like an Egyptian. Richard Burton would have been proud of my Mark Antony even though I wasn't in costume.

The dynamics of the evening changed with the larger number. It seems that 8-10 results in a broader discussion and a higher level of buzz in the room. The plan is to find an additional couple to lift the numbers to the maximum seating capacity of the host's dining table.

The new couple had recently been to Egypt and as well as a commercial DVD on Egypt we were treated to a well edited photographic tour with accompanying music and commentary.

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