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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Sometimes Jean and I talk about why we lead the life we do. Growing our own food, careful with expenditure, not being wasteful, recycling, reusing, living frugally and simply. It's not as if we can't afford to be splash out on things. And it isn't always easy. Getting out in the garden when its hot and humid isn't the most pleasant thing to do. But if we don't plod along jobs fall behind and you get gaps in the food chain. And things get out of control. Not that they are ever that much in control.

The day before yesterday we ran the mower over the lawn which after all the heavy rain was getting a bit long. All that needed doing next was the edges and the areas where the ride on mower doesn't fit. Jean had said to herself if she spotted a snake she'd get stuck into it. Well the Brown was more scared of me than I was of it but as it turned out I was on the way into the garden shed to get the whipper snipper. That snake has good timing.

We don't do a lot of things that our friends do. They travel a lot, they change cars frequently, they buy lots of new toys. They eat out. We were lucky in the past to have eaten at some of the best restaurants but find what we prepare at home is as good if not better in terms of quality and freshness. We spend months discussing whether we would really use a $50 e-reader. And our car begins to fall apart from just age before we replace it. We don't mind local travel i.e. taking the dogs for a drive. But with responsibility for chickens and gardens it prevents us from being away too long. Yes we could get a baby sitter but then the trouble with dogs is they miss the pack leaders and we miss them. Maybe when they leave home we might venture out for longer trips.
So many friends and acquaintances refuse to modify their lifestyles and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. They are content to consume medications rather than give up junk food and embark on even the most modest exercise program.
The world today is built on sand in terms of a growth economy based on devouring resources. There is a lack of honesty and consideration of others. Greed pervades and there is no appreciation for quality just a scrabbling for more. Rushing from one consumption event to another.
We get a lot of pleasure, when the wine turns out really well, when the Tomatoes are fresh and abundant, when there is success with a cheese. All those little events throughout the cycles of the year bring satisfaction and enjoyment. And they are tangible and reoccurring but always slightly different and raise expectations. But it is more than just that. I suppose John and Jean are just escaping from the artifice of the today's society.
"The noise and din of the town still ringing in his ears ... died away in the night, the peace of the hills and open fields soothed and quietened ..."
'The Country Child'
Alison Uttley

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