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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Bee Club Meeting

Not a huge number of attendees. Was that because the AGM was scheduled to follow the normal procedures? Or just a coincidence.

There still seems to be a huge interest in bees both Australian Native and European. The clubs education program is fully subscribed and proceeding well driving up membership.

Half the club's hives are offsite and the remaining hives at the Botanical Gardens are OK but not that flush with honey reserves for Winter (but enough). Strangely one hive is doing particularly well. Curious?

Overwintering in this area means each hive needs a full size box of honey at least half full While at Walcha where it is much cooler they need a full box.

A few bits of information came forth during the Q&A session. Drones get killed off leading into Winter i.e. they don't get fed by the bees and starve. Typical blokes can't feed themselves. And bees do sleep. Sperm collection for artificial insemination is conducted by wringing the drones neck. The insect world is a tough place.

The AGM went quickly and all positions in the club filled.

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