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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Around the Garden This Week

The Mulberry tree looks a bit bare at the moment. Being Winter it has lost almost all its foliage but then it also received a severe pruning. Most of the excess growth came off the back of the plant which faces away from the house. At least looking from the kitchen window it looks unchanged.

The Elderflower was cut right back but being a hardy and robust grower it should green up well in Spring providing this little garden escape with protection.

The Turmeric has dies back and this week will be harvested.

Some Cabbage are now ready for harvest. Because there is still a goodly amount of Sauerkraut in the refrigerator these first one's will be eaten fresh.

This green manure crop is coming along well. Next month, only a week away, the bunching shallots are due for planting in this bed.

We planted Amaranth only once and let a plant go to seed. It now comes up everywhere. Handy for Winter salads.

The same self seeding applies to Radicchio. And finally a red tinged one self seeded. We have always had difficulty with the reds and it's pleasing to have finally had it occur naturally.

A funny thing happened with the Broad Beans. These were planted in three groupings. For an unknown reason one group is considerably shorter than the other two. Was it due to the Sweet Potato alongside impacting or some other issue?

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