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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ripe Near Me

Ripe Near Me is running a Crowd Funding campaign to raise dollars to improve the site.

Having said that, we tried to donate a few dollars to what we believe could become a valuable resource but struggled with the website where you can lodge pledges. It may be our technical skills. It ran slowly and wouldn't allow us to log in after registration saying our password was invalid. After getting issued a new password and logging in with it and re-entering a new password it logged us out and kept us out. Did this twice with no good result, Then tried the last password they sent us with success except when we went to donate it logged us out again. Finally, got to the pay page after logging in on every new page to finding it only offered Credit Card and no Paypal. May have considered this prior to experiencing so many problems but not now.

Now that all confidence has vanished the last resort was an email to Ripe Near Us asking where to send the cheque.

The amount pledged was growing as we played around with the site access so it means everybody else was having success. As stated it could be just our technical skills or bad luck.

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