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Monday, June 23, 2014

Williams Valley Wine Tasting Club

Well you've heard about our Cuisine Club and now we have a Wine Tasting Club. Nothing flash just four couples on a Saturday night tasting six wines (all red). We all brought palate cleansers such as cheese and other dips.

The wines were part of a tasting pack one of the group received and was willing to share. It contained not only the wines but numbered paper bags to hide the bottle identification and scoring sheets where we could jot down out perceptions on Colour, Smell and Taste. The total score was out of 20.

Not only was it fun but also interesting as we all read the guiding notes and attempted to score each category. Discussion went on during the whole exercise. Non of us are wine buffs, its just that we don't mind a good glass of wine and this evening contributed to our knowledge and helped us focus on what makes a good wine.

There was no winning wine as the group was equally divided between two styles of red i.e. the medium bodied and the heavier style.

The tasting was followed by a shared meal where all the participants brought dishes. A fun night. What a good way to get to know your neighbours.


  1. That's the way to do it, nothing poncey. I'll bet the heart cockles were warm!

  2. Yes the cockles found their way into a second glass or two.