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Friday, June 13, 2014

NZ Compost Bin - Final Setup

At last the dual bay compost bin is finished. Fully erected and ready to be filled.

It's obvious why everyone loves an oiled timber finish. Eucalypts have an incredible diversity of colour and patina when oiled. Unfortunately these beautiful colours will not last outside. They will all turn to the common dull grey in a short time.

That is the issue with natural wood when it is used outside. Any finish applied needs to re-applied every year or two to maintain the colour. The Sun and rain are incredibly damaging to exposed clear timber finishes. I'm sure there is a fortune to be made by anyone able to come up with a simple clear external use paint that will last a decade without further maintenance.

The 3 way sliding panel block


  1. A work of art - almost too good for compost! Lovely job.

    1. Thanks Barb, there was a lot of pleasure in putting it together.