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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Small Wine Press, NZ Compost Bins, Dogs at Work

In February while making some Tannat wine from our meagre harvest the screw thread on the baby press was stripped because of the significant pressure that was placed on it during winding.

After some research the only solution seemed to be a low torque Acme screw thread. Acme threads were easily available in 12 foot lengths. Getting a 300 mm piece of this with a nut seemed to be a real challenge until it was discovered that the scissor jacks used on most small cars use an Acme thread.

Finally, at the Dump Shop last week one was available. It was broken down to its component parts with the nut being welded to the top of the press and the thread had the handle attached. After welding, everything received a fresh coat of paint. The real test will be when we next use the device. This may not be until February next year.

Wine Press Base with Acme nut welded

Acme Screw Thread with handles attached

Further progress on the newly built NZ Compost Bins. With both of us working steadily all the timber was coated with used sump oil in a location close to where it will be finally assembled.

Loose planks coated with oil

The assembled sections painted. The sheets of iron protect the grass from the oil and allow any excess to flow to beneath the wall of the shed. This shed has experienced some Termite activity and any dripped oil will add a small future deterrent

Jean went across the river to work this morning and now that we have the dual cab work vehicle back with us she was able to take all the dogs with her as farm assistants. Nikki, the male had a serious neck problem a year ago and we only allow him to travel with a full body harness inside the vehicle. He loves being in the car and will sit there for hours without complaining.

The girls love being on the back and sticking their heads out from the sides to take in the smells as they travel back and forth.

Nikki isn't big on farm work and prefers to stay in the car and guard the farmhouse while the girls ride in the RTV while the cattle are moved and the paddocks harrowed.

The kids back from work. The girls on the back (Lisa the splotchy Cattle Dog Cross and Bill the Kelpie Cross) and the Alpha male inside

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