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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dental Second Opinion

Jean has been experiencing a drama with her mouth. In mid March she had a new crown inserted but not without its issues.

The usual performance with my dentist is a visit to the dentist with a problem, being advised a crown is the solution, a second long visit where they shape the tooth and affix a temporary crown while a more robust one is manufactured and a final short visit to have it cemented in place.

But not with her dentist. First visit was advice to have a crown, second visit to have the tooth shaped then left bare for a week while a temporary crown is made, a third visit to do some touch up and fit the temporary crown, a fourth visit to install the new crown. Oh bugger it doesn't fit, back on with the temporary. Fifth visit oops dropped the new crown on the floor, quick rinse and cement it in place, not quite perfect but we'll grind away for a while till it allows your mouth to close. Final inspection by the other senior dentist, a bit more grinding and off you go.

Mid May arrives and not all is right with the mouth, still doesn't feel right and is painful. Not sleeping well at night. Can feel something like floss stuck around the tooth. Another visit, can't find anything wrong but your sinus doesn't look good.

In desperation she tries my dentist for a second opinion.

Oh yes here's one issue there's dental cement in between the crown and the other tooth. Oh here's some more cement at the back of the crown. You can imagine that something as small as a grain of cement in the mouth feels like Ayres.

Then there is the tap, tap of dye paper to test the fit with its opposing tooth. That's ok. Now try it again grinding to the left. That's ok. Now try again grinding to the right. Ah there's a problem, it's catching. A little more grinding and it's fine. A good look around the mouth for any other issues. Your sinus looks fine. Leave it a week and see how it goes.

Already the next morning she is feeling great.

Some people are just really good at what they do.


  1. That first dentist sounds like the 'cha-ching' type. Glad to hear the second one is on the ball.

  2. Dental procedures like this one should not have taken more than three appointments. Anything else more than that is excessive, or a sign of a not-so-competent dentist. It must be a relief for Jean that your dentist got it fixed. I hope she's doing well now!

    Maryam Seifi @ Starbrite Dental

    1. Thank you both for your comments. Jean has now fully recovered and yes she is much relieved and back to sleeping well.

  3. It’s good to know that she’s fully recovered now. I hope that’s the last time both of you have to go through a predicament like this. It was lucky that you have a truly knowledgeable dentist, who's really good at what he does. Perhaps, Jean should ditch hers and share yours. Haha!

    Garry Owen @ New Century Dental Group

  4. Our children are our top priority and we will do everything for their sake. Anyway, I'm happy that Jean's oral health is much better now. Glad you found a great dentist, who attended and catered to everything Jean's condition required. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Shannon Barrett @ Best Care Dental Center